We're passionate about what we do, the products we use and how highly we value our bikes and skis.

With years of experience working with bike and ski equipment, you can rely on our expert techs for all of your servicing needs.


The next time you need a tune up come and see the pros.

Riders Tune $65
Recommended every 60 hours

What's included?

- Clean and Lubricate Drive train

- Check Drive train for wear

- Gear Indexing

- Minor on-bike Wheel True

- Align Brake Calipers

- Check Brake Pads and Rotors

- Safety Bolt check

- Wipe and Polish

- Test Ride

Skookum Tune $85
Recommended every 60 hours

What's Included?

- Riders tune PLUS

- Wheel Truing off-bike

- Install of parts purchased

- Shift cables and housing

- Tires including tubeless set up

- Grips

- Saddle or seatpost

- Brake pads or rotors

- Full bike wash and Polish

- Test ride

Including 10% Off on Parts installed

You Betcha Tune $185
Recommended every 120 hours

What's Included?

- Skookum Tune PLUS

- Bleed Brakes

- Service Fork Lowers (parts not included)

- Service Shock Air Can (parts not included)

- Full bike wash and Polish

- Test ride

Including 15% Off on Parts installed

Lil Rippers Tune $35
(Single speed or 3-speed bikes only)

What's included?

- True wheels

- Clean and Lubricate Drive Train

- Check brakes and adjust as necessary

- Safety Bolt check

- Test ride

+$15 for kids bikes with gears/disk brakes

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